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Who writes, works, and contributes to Wild Pantheon Press? And hat makes their voice important? 

For now the staff is tiny. After all, a startup has to grow. Contributor list is scant but mighty. If you would like to join, please use the form. The site is solely focused on women and their voices. Genderqueer, trans, and nonconforming genders are more than welcome. It’s all about inclusion around.


Jessica Hannan

I founded Wild Pan Press because I wanted to see more representation of women’s voices. And by women, I mean a diverse background that shows what women go through. Not just one group’s assumption. I’ve been a news junkie all my life. It’s better to learn who runs the world, right?

Contributor: Jessica Hannan

I’m also a fan of all things argyle and cats. Don’t forget books, history, politics, Dragon Con, and sometimes hockey. Not a fan of Donald Trump, all other sports, baseball, or fishing. Oh, or Nascar. Engaged to a great partner who supports me and even made the logo.

You can also label me as the CFO, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, office support, and designer unless otherwise noted. There’s nothing like working all hours of the day.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There’s also Clever Girl, which serves as my blog, and Research Queen Productions, a collective portfolio and contact point. If you wanna talk, use the contact form.


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