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Wild Pantheon Press is a passion project for change. Want to know about the site’s history, comment policy, and design? Keep reading.



Originally, Wild Pantheon Press was intended to be a site with academic leanings on pop culture references. But something changed. In the middle of a host transfer, Jessica Hannan, had another thought: what if there was an intersectional site made for women by women? Everything from pop culture and politics to experiences and opinions. So that’s what Wild Pantheon Press became.

The site’s mission is pretty simple: use experiences to speak a truth. But there’s a caveat there. The idea is to be open but respectful. Not a respectability politic movement either. Just remember all women have hidden truths that need to be shared and that different experiences don’t negate the others. No inflammatory language, either. Meaning: no rhetoric meant to impose serious harm to others. Remember George Feeny’s “do good”? That’s the whole point of Wild Pan: do good.

There may be a few hiccups along the way (okay, more than a few). But in life isn’t worth a few upsets here and there?

Wild Pan is ultimately about creating a place where women are heard and marginalized women can build a community. It’s about finding a solid place, helping to rebuild a community where women feel secure in speaking their truths.




But what about the name? Well, the reason for a few reasons.

Wild stands for “deviating from the intended or expected course,” a passion for finding the truth. Think of a combination of multiple Merriam-Webster‘s definitions.  Pantheon means “a group of illustrious or notable persons or things.” In this case, the notable people are those with diverse experiences and the place where intersectionality meets. Add those together and see where this news site aims to go. Press, of course, is all about the publishing.

Ultimately, the experiences of many women create a pantheon. Wild Pantheon Press is simply the library that houses it all. Ruins need not apply.



Wild Pantheon Press

Women often face challenges by carrying a target on their back. And far too many times to count they’re left grumbling at the destruction around them. Combine the two and you’ve got the every day experience of most women.

Purple represents hope for more–for equality. Bright, vibrant hues show the dark and light side of life but still inspires one to remember the beauty of life. Even if just the smallest moments.



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