Bookmarking Beverly Cleary’s 100th Birthday

Take Ramona Quimby. Ramona’s a character that everyone seems to know. She goes through stages like most little girls but it’s an adventure with consequences and celebrations. Beezus doesn’t quite understand her little sister’s reactions, finding the antics annoying, but the bond doesn’t change. Family life is strange and full of conflict. It’s how you grow up and what you learn that matters.

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The Human Price of the Panama Papers

Self-audits on multiple locations indicate a lack of evaluation or real investigation into the clients before setting up the accounts. If the incident had happened in only one location, there would be an obvious indicator of where the responsibility lies. However, multiple locations shows a downward slide from the top execs who are training and promote the various leadership roles.

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The Miseducation of Syrian Refugees

What does it mean for children who constantly find themselves uprooted? UNICEF is working with NGOs and government agencies to prevent the somber prospect of a lost generation. One major point of contention is the lack of instructor training for children facing psychological trauma. According to one young woman refugee, Muna, the Za’atari teachers blamed the war on the children out of frustration.

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Will the iPhone SE overshadow Samsung?

But the iPhone SE can compete with the iPhone 6: a processor speed to keep people on their phones and becoming an advertiser’s dream in the new digital market. At double the previous 2012 version’s speed, Apple’s taking a bite out of that share, too. Battery longevity is a big deal, too. Ever tried to use an iPhone 3G? 2 hours and the phone was dead. Not to mention the long recovery.

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