The Path of Wild Pantheon Press

Wild Pantheon Press started out as a site for academic nerd turned pop culture geek, which I mentioned in a previous post. But slowly I noticed a lot of news sites for women inevitably had male writers discussing pretty sensitive issues. While the writers may have good intentions, the articles almost always read as an attempt to . So I refocused Wild Pantheon Press’s mission a little bit.

Wild Pantheon Press will be entirely a woman-run press. From the owners to volunteers. This site will let information be told by women, for women. But let’s be clear: that is not a single, homogenous experience site. The magazine will come out monthly, starting in May, and will open the doors to all racial, ethnic and gender identities. The only exception to the inclusion is that women’s voices are heard. No males need apply.

April is the test month. This is month we really need the audience to communicate with me and find out what you like and dislike. Give us feedback. One voice is not the only one needed. It’s a collective effort to discuss issues that readers feel is missing in other sites. The content’s sparse as I’ll be rolling out random articles throughout the month. If you have questions about the legal side of things, check out this link out. Curious about the site and staff? Click to learn. And if you want to use the contact feature, there’s a page for that.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Note: there is a comment policy across this site and social media. It’s pretty simple. Don’t be abusive and/or attack others on the site. And no spamming. If you want to contact anyone, use the contact form and we’ll pass the message along.


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